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Influential lawyer Mamadou Coulibaly discusses crucial issues in the mining and energy sector (WADME)



Influential lawyer Mamadou Coulibaly discusses crucial issues in the mining and energy sector (WADME)

The prestigious second edition of the Week-end Africain du Droit Minier et de l'Énergie (WADME) has opened its doors at the Hôtel Kaloum, bringing together dignitaries and experts from the mining and energy sectors. The event, organized by the Institut de Formation et d'Expertise Juridique (IFEJ) in collaboration with the Guinean Bar Association, aims to strengthen dialogue and find legal and economic solutions for these vital sectors in Africa.

One of the highlights of this year's event was the participation of Me Mamadou Coulibaly, renowned lawyer and co-founder of Satis Partners, a pan-African business law firm based in Mali. Coulibaly took part in a panel dedicated to legal and tax audits during acquisitions and mergers of mining and oil companies in Africa.

"The African Weekend on Mining and Energy Law is a commendable initiative, which deserves to be encouraged. It's crucial for Africans to come together around key sectors such as energy and mining. We have the opportunity to meet all the major players in the sector", declared Mr. Coulibaly. He also underlined the importance of the event as a platform to address relevant and diverse topics, such as energy transition, local mineral processing, and legal compliance aspects, including the fight against corruption.

During his talk, Mr. Coulibaly focused on the crucial aspects of an acquisition audit, in particular the tax and corporate implications. "The aim was to highlight the essential reflexes that lawyers need to develop when assisting companies wishing to acquire other entities in the mining sector," he explains.

For his next presentation, Me Coulibaly will address the challenges associated with managing local development funds, highlighting the interactions between mining companies and communities, as well as the problems associated with managing these funds.


The current edition of WADME promises to lay the foundations for many future editions, each year enriching the dialogue and collaboration between key players for the sustainable development of mineral and energy resources in Africa.