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MSGBC 2023: Kosmos Energy seeks partner for Yakaar-Terenga



MSGBC 2023: Kosmos Energy seeks partner for Yakaar-Terenga

Kosmos Energy, a major player in the global energy sector, revealed its intention to establish an equal partnership for the Yakaar-Teranga gas project at the MSGBC Oil, Gas & Power 2023 conference. As the new operator, succeeding BP, the company underlined its commitment to working with Mauritania to maximize the project's local economic impact.

Khady Ndiaye, Vice President and Country Manager for Senegal at Kosmos Energy, announced the company's plan for an equal partnership in the project, with Petrosen holding the largest share. The aim is to leverage the strengths of the national oil company (NOC) and encourage skills development.

The debate focused on the crucial role of monetizing oil and gas resources to lead the region towards a cleaner energy future and strengthen industrial and economic development.

Cany Jobe, of the Gambia National Petroleum Corporation, highlighted efforts to improve the efficiency of exploration in the Gambia, including the revision of fiscal conditions and the implementation of a direct negotiation strategy to attract investors.

Guinea-Conakry, thanks to the initiatives of its NOC, SONAP, created in 2021, is seeking partners for exploration activities. Mohamed Bangoura, from Guinea-Conakry's Ministry of Energy, Hydraulics and Hydrocarbons, spoke of the use of advanced technologies to accelerate exploration progress.


Major offshore oil and gas discoveries in the MSGBC region have prompted countries such as Mauritania and Senegal to launch major projects. Key developments include the Greater Tortue Ahemyim and Sangomar oilfield projects, scheduled for first production in 2024, and the long-awaited BirAllah project in Mauritania, aimed at domestic gas utilization.

Moustapha Bechir, from the Mauritanian Ministry of Petroleum, Mines and Energy, spoke about the country's plans for the BirAllah project, focusing on domestic market needs and competitive positioning in the current market.

The MSGBC region faces the challenge of balancing oil and gas supply with environmental concerns, particularly climate change. This has led to a shift towards decarbonization strategies, aligned with the imminent start-up of production. Countries in the region are adopting transition strategies that meet the needs of both the environment and the population.

Papa Samba Ba, from Senegal's Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, spoke about Senegal's balanced transition strategy, which combines extractive resources with an increase in renewable resources.

Held in Nouakchott, Mauritania, on November 21 and 22, the MSGBC 2023 conference and exhibition is dedicated to energy development in the MSGBC region. The event is supported by H.E. Mohamed Ould Cheik Ghazouani, President of Mauritania, and in partnership with various national energy organizations and the African Energy Chamber.