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Le Sénégal adhère officiellement à l’APPO (Organisation des Producteurs de Pétrole Africains), « l’OPEP » des africains



Le Sénégal adhère officiellement à l'APPO (Organisation des Producteurs de Pétrole Africains), « l'OPEP » des africains

After joining the restricted club of gas exporting countries as an observer at the 24th GECF ministerial meeting, Senegal has just officially joined APPO, the "OPEC" of Africans.

The Council of Ministers of the African Petroleum Producers Organisation (APPO) officially approved Senegal's membership of the organisation at its 43rd session in Luanda (Angola) on Friday 4 November 2022.

This was in response to correspondence sent by the Government on 18 October. This was in the presence of Mrs Aïssatou Sophie Gladima, Minister of Oil and Energy.

According to the statement from the Ministry of Oil and Energy, " This membership was achieved after nearly two years of participation and monitoring of our country as an observer. By joining this pan-African organisation in the hydrocarbons sector, Senegal will be able to benefit more from the support and experience of other member countries of the organisation. It will also be a founding member of the African Energy Bank, created and officially launched during this 43rd session of the Council of Ministers". .

Furthermore, the note continues, " our country will widen its field of action and maximise its opportunities in the sector to better defend its interests, in the perspective of the upcoming exploitation of gas and oil. It will thus strengthen the means of its policy in the sector where large ensembles are crucial to position itself on the world market ".