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Libya: Production resumes at Al-Sharara oil field



Libye : Reprise de la production sur le champ pétrolier d'Al-Sharara

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has officially announced the end of the force majeure situation and the resumption of full operations at the Al-Sharara oil field, usually capable of producing up to 315,000 barrels a day.

On January 7, the NOC declared a state of force majeure for this field in the southwest, in response to its closure by protesters. At the time, the protesters' specific demands had not been specified.

The conflict-ridden North African country of Libya has seen frequent interruptions in crude oil production, often due to social and political upheavals against a backdrop of fighting between rival factions.

An agreement was recently reached between the NOC and the local "Fezzan Gathering" group from the Oubari region, putting an end to protest actions at the Al-Sharara field. This was announced by a representative of the group via a Facebook video, in which he mentions a commitment on the part of the NOC Chairman to meet their demands. However, the precise terms of this agreement have not been disclosed publicly by the NOC or the Fezzan Gathering.

According to statements by the protest group, assurances were obtained from Khalifa Haftar, an influential military figure supporting one of Libya's two rival administrations.


The declaration of force majeure is a legal measure enabling parties to avoid their contractual obligations in the event of unforeseeable events such as conflicts or natural disasters.

Libya, home to Africa's largest oil reserves, has seen its production regularly disrupted for over a decade of unrest, particularly since the fall and assassination of former leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, a NATO-backed uprising.

The country remains divided between a UN-recognized government in the west and a Haftar-backed administration in the east. Oil revenues are essential to the Libyan economy, and the NOC represents one of the few national institutions to have retained a certain integrity in this crisis context.

The Al-Sharara field, located in the desert around 900 kilometers south of Tripoli, is jointly operated by the NOC and four European companies.