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Mauritania, a future African gas giant.



Mauritania, a future African gas giant.

The Maghreb, a region rich in energy resources, stands out in particular for its vast reserves of natural gas and oil. Within this region, Algeria and Egypt are the pillars of energy production. However, Mauritania is fast emerging as a major competitor, boosted by the recent discovery of monumental natural gas reserves.

At the heart of this Mauritanian ascent, two gas fields play a key role. The first, the Bir Allah field, lies right in the heart of Mauritanian territorial waters. The second, the Grand Tortue Ahmeyim field, is a shared project with Senegal, illustrating cross-border collaboration. Together, these fields contain reserves estimated at over 3,100 billion cubic meters of gas. This quantity puts Mauritania in contention to become Africa's fourth largest gas producer, a remarkable feat for the country.

Gas production from the Grand Tortue Ahmeyim field is scheduled to begin in 2024. With this start-up, Mauritania expects to be able to export up to 2.5 million tonnes of liquefied gas annually. This development promises to be a potentially revolutionary lever for the Mauritanian economy, not only stimulating the local market but also generating jobs, and initiating a virtuous cycle of growth and sustainable development.

Alongside this fossil fuel bonanza, Mauritania is sparing no effort in exploring alternative energy sources. The government is actively investing in the development of renewable energies, particularly solar and wind power, as part of its commitment to energy diversification and sustainability.

With this in mind, the Minister of Petroleum, Mines and Energy, Mr. NanY Ould Chroukha, underlined Mauritania's ambition to take full advantage of its natural gas potential. At the same time, the country plans to develop initiatives in renewable energies and green hydrogen. According to Agence Mauritanienne d'Information (AMI), this strategy is part of a broader energy transition that is seen as fair, equitable and secure.