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Senegal - Mauritania: GTA's joint tax management unit generates 60 billion CFA francs to be shared between the two countries



Sénégal - Mauritanie : L'unité mixte de gestion fiscale de GTA génère 60 milliards de francs CFA à répartir entre les deux États

Against a backdrop of fruitful cross-border cooperation, Abdoulaye Diagne, Senegal's Director General of Impôts et Domaines, underlined the strategic importance of the Grande Tortue/Ahmeyim (GTA) project at a recent meeting in Saly-Portudal. This project, the fruit of a partnership between Senegal and Mauritania, aims to jointly manage the region's oil and gas resources. Through a joint unit, this initiative has already produced significant results, as testified by expert Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba Siby, who heads the unit.

This conclave, organized by the Amicale des Inspecteurs des Impôts et Domaines, was an opportunity to highlight the effectiveness of this collaboration. In four years, this unit has generated a colossal sum of 60 billion CFA francs, to be shared between the two states. This demonstrates not only the viability of joint management of natural resources, but also the effectiveness of transnational tax and customs cooperation.

The role of the mixed unit is not limited to the management of natural resources; it also has a significant fiscal impact. By focusing on taxation, General Manager Mr. Diagne underlines the importance of this approach to equitable and transparent revenue management. This implies close collaboration between the Senegalese and Mauritanian teams, guaranteeing harmonious and beneficial management for both countries.

The GTA project initiative, with its joint unit headed by tax and customs experts, represents a model of successful regional cooperation. It demonstrates that concerted, well-executed strategies can not only improve natural resource management, but also strengthen economic and diplomatic ties between neighboring countries.