Accueil EVENT Senegal and Mauritania... in perfect symbiosis in Nouakchott

Senegal and Mauritania... in perfect symbiosis in Nouakchott

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Le Sénégal et la Mauritanie... en parfaite symbiose à Nouakchott

Invited by her Mauritanian counterpart, Aissatou Sophie Gladima took part in the 6th edition of the Mauritanian energy conference in Nouakchott in the presence of President Mohamed Ould El Ghazouani.

The Mauritanian Minister of Petroleum welcomed the presence of Senegal before recalling that this edition is being held in the aftermath of COP 27, which proved the importance of developing a global energy framework to fight against climate change.

M. Saleh a salué la claire vision des chefs d’état des deux pays qui ont compris qu’il fallait aller dans ce sens indiqué par l’histoire et la géographie des deux pays. Selon lui « les deux pays ont offert au monde un modèle de gestion concertée des ressources naturelles à travers le fleuve Sénégal qui est l’un des rares cours d’eau au monde dont la gestion ne suscite aucune tension grâce à l’OMVS ». 

Sophie Gladima, for her part, insisted on "the importance of exploiting GTA gas for both countries so that the spin-offs from this project can benefit the populations".
She took the opportunity of the ministerial panel to insist on the transparent management of resources with Senegal having joined the EITI, which obliges it to publish all its contracts. She then returned to the energy policy of President Macky Sall through the PSE, which aims to achieve universal access to electricity by 2025. Today the national access rate is 78% but with disparities between urban and rural areas. 

According to the Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Senegal continues to work by maintaining a policy based on an energy mix. And in view of the exploitation of gas, Senegal has adopted a gas-to-power strategy that will enable it to produce energy at lower cost for households and industries. 

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