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ROMPCO promotes the role of natural gas in Africa's industrialization



ROMPCO promeut le rôle du gaz naturel dans l'industrialisation de l'Afrique

Africa Industrialization Day, on November 20, highlights the essential role of industrial development in the region. A key challenge in this respect is the availability of reliable and affordable energy sources. "A key solution lies in the abundant, clean resource provided by natural gas," says Siphephelo Kunene, Senior Communications and Stakeholder Management Manager at the Republic of Mozambique Pipeline Investments Company (ROMPCO).

"Large quantities of natural gas are available to meet the supply and demand for alternative energy sources for industrial development in Africa. This is a game-changer for the continent," comments Kunene. Gas supplies can fuel economic growth, create employment opportunities and empower local communities. "This brings economic, social and environmental benefits as we work towards a low-carbon future," Kunene adds.

ROMPCO's efforts have helped to advance industrialization not only in South Africa, but also in Mozambique. The company has entered into cross-border agreements to supply energy to markets in these countries. Its pipeline network has the capacity to serve both Mozambique and South Africa, catalyzing industrial growth.

"We have made enormous contributions to increased industrialization in Mozambique and South Africa. Our collaboration and cross-border agreements have played a key role in fostering industrial growth, creating jobs and stimulating economic progress," says Kunene.

Expanding the gas supply network to other African countries presents challenges, not least geopolitical tensions that can deter potential investors. However, the opportunities are just as promising. Demand for natural gas as an alternative energy source is high, while the revenues generated by network expansion can significantly stimulate economic growth and structural transformation.


Kunene emphasizes that the company understands the importance of stakeholder engagement and relationship management in promoting industrialization. "Effective engagement fosters support for both short- and long-term goals, creating a collaborative environment for industrial growth," he said.

As the need for natural gas continues to grow, ROMPCO's mission aligns with the continent's aspirations. The company aims to grow, develop and remain sustainable. "So it would be a good opportunity to extend our pipeline to other African countries," reveals Kunene.

"Our mission is to be Southern Africa's leading gas transmission and infrastructure company, transforming the communities in which we operate and developing the energy sector through the provision of sustainable gas supplies and innovative solutions to our markets," concludes Kunene.